Bury Lions Recycling

Bury Lions Appeal
We are looking for donations of soft cuddly toys and other items.  We are glad to announce we've had a great response (so a massive thank you to all of you who donated them).
But you may not know we also recycle Mobile Phones with the batteries & with or without the chargers, Home Phones, Unwanted Gifts, Spectacles & Cases,  CD's DVD's, all of these items can be recycled and in some cases exchanged for cash in which every penny we raise from these items stays in our community for the people that need it.
We have even taken electric scooters for disabled or the elderly,  so if your upgrading or just getting rid of your old ones please let us know and we'll do the rest, in the last 3 years we helped 3 disabled persons by donating the scooters to them.
We can collect any item, within reason or if you feel more comfortable small items can be left at Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe, 6 Union Arcade, The Millgate Shopping Centre Bury, just place the items in a small bag or box and write Bury Lions Appeal on them, the staff at Mr Simms will let us know when items have been left, if you wish to be recognised for supporting us in this way please leave your details in the package so that we can formally thank you.
For any of the above just email us using burylionsclub@hotmail.co.uk, or you can text or call us Mon - Fri using 07765 766231 between 10am and 6pm or ring us on 0845 833 9608.
Mobile & Home phones - please take batteries out of your old phones but keep them together along with the charger/power supply by using cellotape or an elastic band this is important as some batteries can leak over time.
Unfortunately we don't take printer cartridges anymore.
Thank you all
One of our Recycling days back in 2012.  

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